James Trotter
Software Engineer / Web Developer


.NET, particularly C#.NET is the framework I am most knowledgeable on - It's also one of the ones I love to work with most.
Having worked on many web-facing applications, both in my free time and professionally, HTML and CSS have been absolute must knows since a very early period. I have extensively used HTML 5 and CSS3 together and am really enjoying what the latest iteration of the HTML standard has brought to the table, especially in the realms of rich graphical interfaces and real time communications between server and client.
Javascript is one of the first languages I learnt in my spare time, and is probably by far the most used language in projects made in my spare time. I've delved into Angular, JQuery, Node.JS and many other frameworks wrapped around JavaScript and enjoy working with all of them.
PHP is the first "server-side" language I ever picked up, possibly even the first language altogether. Although one of the first learnt, I certainly never got anywhere near mastering the use of it, nor have I ever had experience with the technology in a professional enviroment. I do still have some personal projects I continue to maintain written on PHP/MySQL stack though.


From Terminal operating systems to remote wind-farm monitoring systems, content management systems to web stores, global industry leading products to small bespoke applications, I have worked in a vast array of industries & on a vast array of products; each time taking new challenges in my stride and adapting to new situations quickly and with ease.

I pride myself on my ability and willingless to learn new things and my ability to drop in and hit the ground running, so to speak.