.NET Developer

Hello, I'm James.

I'm a developer from the north of England

I specialise in the .NET enviroment. I'm also adept at a heap of other technologies such as JQuery, PHP, Python, Java, C++, the list goes on..

I am highly adaptable to most situations & I pick up new things quickly.

Education & Expirience

Xpert IT

4/12/2012 - 4/10/2013

My first year in work was spent as an IT technician subcontracting for the NHS, in this role i was responsible for network installations (Cat6 & Fibre optic) as well as upgrading software/hardware for offices with the Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Trust

Marauder Software - Apprentice

8/10/2013 - 9/10/2014

I spent a year as an apprentice at a small company in Doncaster, here I learnt how to properly utilise .Net in a professional enviroment and passed with flying colours, recieving microsofts certification in the process. In this position I worked on an array of bespoke applications, from feature rich web interfaces to view/manage wind turbines based at remote locations to humble spreadsheet organisers to improve small business flow.

Arkom Creative Technology

10/10/2014 - Present

Upon completing my apprenticeship i dove straight into a junior developer role for a CRM integration specialists in Sheffield. In this position I have been given plenty of room to grow & develop further.

About Me

Age: 20

Current Location: South Yorkshire

I am a hardworking, fast learning individual looking to make a reputation as a solid, reliable .Net developer.

Experimenting with programming since my pre-teens I am highly knowledgeable - and not just in software - I have first hand expirience in setting up and maintaining server hardware, networks, firewalls, etc.

IT is my passion and it shows in the wide spectrum of knowledge in a vast array of areas I have accumulated over years of tinkering & gaining relevant expirience in proffesional enviroments.